28 days of

Every day you’ll receive a new email lesson exploring a different facet of how your masculine partner works, how you can feel the most empowered in your feminine energy, and how the two of you can relate with each other harmoniously.

This course is written for women or feminine essence identifying people who are interested in relationships with men or masculine essence indentifying people.

The feminine lens


You will finish this course with brand new perspectives and awarenesses that challenge what you thought you knew about relationships.

New perspectives


This is an energetic and practical education course that explores the hidden unconscious dynamics and patterns between masculine and feminine partners. 

Unconscious patterns



  • A written lesson is sent to your email every day.

  • Each lesson is 5-10 mins reading time.

  • Once you receive the lesson it is yours to keep and return to whenever you'd like.

The details

  • What exactly is masculine energy and feminine energy
  • How do the masculine and the feminine work best together
  • What do these two energies really look like as behaviors and feelings
  • The shadow side of masculine and feminine
  • Masculine needs and feminine needs in relationship 
  • The differences between how the masculine feels most loved and how the feminine feels most loved
  • Communicating from your feminine with your masculine partner
  • Sex and the masculine and feminine
  • The masculine commitment process
  • What does it mean to really “be” in your feminine
  • How to recognize healthy masculine energy in a man

Some of what the course covers