Boundaries with men

  • What boundaries are and what boundaries are not.
  • Your relationship with boundaries and how your boundaries affect men.
  • Exploration of walls, expectations, and standards.
  • My easy 3 step process to discover your boundaries with examples from clients.
  • Examples of how to express boundaries with exact wording.
  • 25+ in depth questions and answers
  • My direct no nonsense approach to having boundaries.

What's included...

My teaching is rooted in the desire to help you understand a concept from as many angles as possible and successfully integrate it into your life. I want you to take information and be able to turn it into lived knowledge. Improving your relationships with men always starts with you.
My work is focused on you and what you can do to heal.

This masterclass is best suited for anyone who feels like they struggle knowing what their boundaries are or feels challenged to maintain them with masculine partners. 
This is a 3+ hour in depth video class.  Principles are occasionally repeated throughout the class intentionally. My teaching style is direct, but thoughtful and conversational.

Boundaries with men...


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Boundaries with men video masterclass